Friday, September 01, 2006

Another innocent terrorist released

For four years, the US Government has declared that German-born Murat Kurnaz was a terrorist, and that they had "secret" evidence to prove he was a member of al Qaeda.

A week ago, Kurnaz was released from the Guantanamo Bay military prison and turned over to Germany, a free man again.

Kurnaz, a Turkish citizen born and raised in Germany, was kidnapped in Pakistan and handed over to the US. He was held without access to a lawyer for at least two years, and was not charged with any crime. Nevertheless, the US government declared him a terrorist based only on secret evidence. Once the evidence against him was declassified, it became clear there was nothing linking him to al Qaeda, the Taliban, Osama bin Laden or any other threat, and Germany was finally able to negotiate his freedom.

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