Monday, September 18, 2006

British baggage rules to be relaxed

According to the BBC, British rules for airline baggage will be relaxed next week:

Larger bags will be allowed on board, and passengers will be able to take some liquids through security from Tuesday, ministers are set to say.

The government's transport security division is holding talks with the aviation industry on Monday.

Larger bags will be allowed along with some liquids - such as toiletries, including toothpaste.

These items may have to be placed in plastic bags so they can be easily examined at security.

Musical instruments will also be allowed on board again, after professional musicians complained the measures were hindering them.

A statement by the Department for Transport said: "The measures we introduced in August were in response to a very real and serious terrorist threat which continues."


The latest move was welcomed by budget airline Ryanair.

"We welcome any move to remove the ineffective measures currently in place and to restore security to the safe levels that apply to all inbound flights arriving in the UK," a spokesman said.

"To do anything less would hand the extremists a victory."

Ryanair announced last month it was seeking compensation of about £3million from the government over airport delays resulting from the increased anti-terror measures.

This is great news -- it means that the security officers at British Airports have reverted the laws of physics to the way they were just a month or two ago, before water and toothpaste became deadly explosives.

I for one am glad that no longer do I have to fear that brushing my teeth will cause my house to explode.

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