Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More on those cluster bombs

Cluster bombs make an effective weapon against massed ground troops. But they also make an even better weapons against civilians, a terror-weapon. By happy accident, cluser bombs have a habit of not going off immediately, which makes them one of the weapons of choice for the ethnic-cleanser and high-tech terrorist. Bomb an area, and not only do you kill people immediately, but you keep killing and crippling them for years or even decades afterwards, as unexploded bombs are found, often by children who think the small bombs are playthings.

Which makes the use of cluster bombs on civilian areas a war-crime. Deliberately endangering non-combatants is not an act of war, it is a crime. Civilized countries do not deliberately drop cluster bombs where children are sure to find them.

In the south of Lebanon, an incredible ninety percent of the cluster bombs dropped on civilian areas were dropped in the last 72 hours of the war, when Israel knew that a diplomatic resolution was imminent. The south of Lebanon, mostly villages and farm land with large civilian populations, are littered with unexploded cluster bombs. This immoral crime is part of Israel's attempt at ethnic cleansing, like the bulldozing and bombing of civilian houses and factories, cynically defended by the oft-repeated lie that Hezbollah military units were hidden in civilian areas.

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