Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Alice, Dorothy and Wendy

Alan Moore, the cartoonist responsible for such things as V For Vendetta and From Hell, has co-written a steamy three-volume graphic novel called Lost Girls.

Lost Girls tells the story of the adult selves of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Wendy from Peter Pan, and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, who find themselves guests at a little Austrian hotel at the brink of World War I.

BoingBoing has more.

It appears that Lost Girls is unlikely to be distributed in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Bah, just slashfic with pictures.

Complaint 1: Explain please how the sexualisation of childrens characters is not related to sexualisation of children?

Complaint 2: It's just slashfic. Message to slashfic writers : Wank on your own time for everyone's sake, please.

Vlad the Impala said...

Damn straight it is slashfic, but it is slashfic written by pair of professionals who know the difference between good and bad writing. Poor quality writing comes from, well, the lack of quality, not the genre. You're welcome to reject the books because they aren't to your taste, but there is a difference between "I don't like it" and "It's no good".

Children grow up. They even grow up to become sexual beings. In fact, many children are themselves sexual beings -- we pretend otherwise, but children don't suddenly develop sexuality overnight on their 18th birthday. And that's precisely The Lost Girls central theme: the developing sexuality of the girls as they become adult. Children don't need to be sexualised, because they become so on their own: it is part of the normal growth of the child into the adult.

Vlad the Impala said...
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