Thursday, September 14, 2006

When you came in here, didn't you have a plan for getting out?

Mercury Rising is reporting that Brigadier General Mark Scheid has revealed that there was no plan for the occupation of Iraq because Donald Rumsfeld said he would fire anyone who worked on one.

Back in 2002, I had many long debates with a friend of the extreme right-wing persuasion. As I told him then, if I thought for even one second that the Bush administration was going into Iraq with good intentions, and had even a one percent chance of fixing the country instead of breaking it more, I would have supported the invasion. But the signs were obvious even to Blind Freddie that Bush and his administration were engaged in a naked war of aggression for selfish reasons, and that Iraq was going to be transformed from a two-bit dictatorship that needed to be watched but was no real threat, to a pustulant sore on the body of the Middle East, breeding terrorists and angry Muslim Fundamentalists, and training them to kill Westerners.

There was never any intention to bring peace and security to Iraq, let alone Western democracy and civilization. Instead we've got a democratic theatre -- joke elections where terrified voters get to choose between the corrupt, the powerless and the theocratic, where regardless of who wins, the government will be run for the benefit of American corporations.

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