Friday, July 07, 2006

It's not just the monotheists

Throughout history, the three major monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, have used their religions are justification for murder, war, persecution of others, theft and oppression. But it isn't just monotheism: Hinduism, with its inhumane caste system, is right at home with oppression, as seen by their treatment of the Dalits ("untouchables").

Butterflies and Wheels describes the successful blocking of a Hindu supremacist attempt to hijack Californian textbooks and use them as a platform for their ideology:

Even as the HAF, HEF and VF sought to erase Dalits from the ancient past and portray the caste system as a benign form of social classification instead of the brutal system of oppression and exploitation that it really is, the Sangh's view of caste was on full display at the public hearing [...] every mention of caste found the Hindutva supporters squirming in their seats and exchanging unpleasant glances. Some of them, laboring under the illusion that they were whispering, spewed vitriol about the [California State Board of Education] "allowing all these chura-chamars to speak" (chura-chamar, literally scavenger-cobbler, is one of the derogatory terms commonly used by upper-caste Hindus to insult Dalits and lower castes).

Religion-based extremism is on the rise in India, driven by Hindu Fundamentalism. Isn't religion wonderful?

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