Monday, July 24, 2006

Kill all the military-age males

Bad Attitudes is quoting from a report in the Seattle Times that US forces in Iraq are being given orders to kill all "military-age males" when they are sent on military raids.

Military prosecutors last month accused four soldiers in the unit of releasing three Iraqi men they captured that day only to kill them. The soldiers have been charged with premeditated murder, a capital offense.

Lawyers for the soldiers deny they released the detainees. They say the soldiers fired only after the Iraqis tried to break free and attack them.

But the lawyers are also making a more startling claim: that the soldiers were given explicit orders before the raid to "kill all military–age males" they encountered.

The lawyers say that two senior officers — a colonel and a captain — have acknowledged they gave that order, as have other men in the same company.

Walks like a war criminal, looks like a war criminal, sounds like a war criminal -- it must be a heroic defender of freedom.

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