Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You can't eat a bag of grapes one grape at a time

Good Math, Bad Math has a good article debunking a professional mathematician prostituting his craft for Creationism with pathetically bad faux-mathematical arguments against evolution:

The article claims that there are two arguments from mathematics that disprove evolution. Both are cheap rehashes of old creationist canards, so I won't go into much depth. But it's particularly appalling to see someone using trash like this with the claim that it's a valid mathematical argument.
[...] this asserts that it's impossible to move a large finite distance by taking small finite steps. This is allegedly a mathematician making this argument - but that's what he's claiming: that it's impossible for any large change to occur as a result of a large number of small changes.

So, according to this Creationist, erosion can't happen. You can't empty a 10kg sack of sugar one teaspoon at a time, let alone one grain at a time. There's no way to paint a room with a paint brush, one stroke at a time. And just forget about an abandoned swimming pool evaporating, one molecule of water at a time... small changes just can't add up to large effects.

That's Creation so-called "science" for you.

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