Tuesday, July 11, 2006

IT Support Anecdotes

Some hilarious anecdotes from the front lines of IT support:

  • A help desk shift worker who received a wrong number call from a lady whose dog's testicles were enlarged. Instead of telling her she'd called the wrong number, he logged the call on the incident log, complete with full details of the advice he'd given her.

  • A user who complained that his floppy disk drive was "eating disks". On investigation by the technician, he had been squeezing the disks into a tiny gap beneath the disk drive. On opening the PC's case, 20 or 30 disks tumbled out. "At what point did you figure out that this drive wasn't working?" asked the technician. "When I ran out of disks, I figured I'd better call for help."

  • A lady who complained that her printer wasn't responding at all. She was told to switch the printer off and on again. She answered, "It's already off, do I need to switch it on before switching it off and on again?"

  • The user who called up to say his "rabbit" was dead, because he couldn't move the pointer around the screen.

  • The person who said his "broadbean" connection may be down.

  • The user who called help desk to say his monitor was too dim. He was talked through changing the monitor's brightness and contrast, but that didn't help. The technician who was sent over to investigate took the sunglasses off the user's head and the monitor was fine.

  • The female helpdesk operator who, when asked to lend a hand to move a bunch of 21" monitors, admitted "I can't even handle 17 inches", much to her workmate's (male and female alike) amusement.

See El Reg for more.

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