Thursday, January 11, 2007

Music downloads hit the UK Charts

For the first time, British music charts are counting songs purchased as electronic downloads as sales even if they aren't available for sale in physical form. And the results suggest that it could stir-up the music industry, giving independents more muscle and even allowing classic tracks to re-enter the charts.

According to the Independent:

The Indie band Snow Patrol underlined their claim to be the hottest act on the new-look charts yesterday when they notched up a top 10 success with a deleted album track which is only available online.

"Chasing Cars", a previous single from the top-selling album of 2006, Eyes Open, entered at number nine, as the Top 40 underwent the biggest shake-up in its 50-year history.


Bubbling under, the top 100 saw eight previously deleted tracks come back. These included James Morisson and the Killers. The X Factor effect also helped the Proclaimers and Aerosmith gain a tentative fingerhold on the charts after being covered by hopefuls Ben and the MacDonald Brothers in the series.

The Independent also raises the spectre possibility of the Beatles re-capturing all the Top Ten positions, if and when somebody negotiates a deal for their tracks to be released for download.

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