Thursday, January 25, 2007

About time those spammers got with the program

I've been waiting years for this piece of spam!

Last week, I received a variation on the Nigerian 419 spam from "Sergeant Louis Martins", an American sodier from the 3rd Infantry Division serving in Iraq. (Sure he is.) Sgt. Martins, so the scam says, has "secretly moved" boxes of gold that used to belong to Saddam Hussein to Kuwait. For "secretly moved", read "stole".

I'm disappointed and saddened that the scammers are so unimaginative and conservative. Four years after the invasion of Iraq, sixteen years after Saddam Hussein first came to American's notice as a bad guy, and scammers are only just starting to take advantage of Saddam's supposed illicit gold to bait the gullible. Tsk tsk tsk.

And let's not forget Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda's money... "Hello, I am Gharam. My husband, Mohammad, was Osama bin Laden's accountant. God be praised, my poor late husband was so unhappy at bin Laden's horrible attack on your country that he stole US$30 million dollars from al Qaeda's secret Swiss bank account. He was tortured horribly but did not tell them where the money is hidden. Because I am just a woman, I do not know how to get the money out of the country to provide for our children. By God's will, you will help me, for which I will naturally pay you 10% for your trouble..."

If any scammer out there wants to use this to rob foolish Americans, I'll take a very reasonable 2% cut of the proceeds.

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