Saturday, January 06, 2007

I wish they'd warn us

The weather bureau gives warnings for high ultra-violet and pollution days; I wish they'd warn us about days when there are excessive levels of confusion particles in the air. Preston Market today was filled with cars being driven even more badly than usual for Australian drivers: almost reversing into pedestrians, blocking traffic, and displaying all the parking skills of a banana. And the pedestrians were no better, wandering around aimlessly, stepping in front of cars, walking down the middle of the road while traffic backed up around them, and generally making me wonder whether somebody had slipped something into the water supply.


Mrs Cake said...

Yes! I always knew it, though my explanation was that "they put something in the water" that day. But particles in the air fits the dynamic much more closely, since bad drivers don't all drink water, or equal amounts of water, but AFAIK they do all breathe. At any rate, we in Canada also have days when the frequency of stupid driving is obviously elevated. these days seem to be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Mrs Cake

the_missus said...

Oi! I invented that term! Although I'm quite happy to release the concept into the wild :P

Mrs Cake said...

Well done, that penguin! Or penguin/impala chimera, at any rate. (Pause to imagine the crossbred).