Thursday, July 06, 2006

There's an image I really didn't need

Peggy Noonan, contributing editor of The Wall Street Journal, on how much Mad King George just loves the troops:

Bush the Younger would breastfeed the military if he could.

Link here.

Let's think about that. George the Younger, the man who called in Poppy's connections to get a cushy National Guard position during Vietnam, and then went AWOL when playing fly-boy became too much trouble, loves the military and feels their pain. Yeah, sure.

That's why he:

Bush fan-girls like Peggy Noonan are, of course, allowed their opinion, no matter how pig-ignorant and divorced from reality they are, but I have another image which is probably more realistic than Noonan's: Bush standing in front of the troops, his pants around his ankles, crying out "Here you go boys, suckle on THIS!".

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