Sunday, July 02, 2006

SCO hits another iceberg

SCO's nuisance lawsuit against IBM, already in trouble, has just hit the mother of all icebergs. Judge Brooke Wells has upheld IBM's motion to limit SCO's claims, throwing out 2/3rds of SCO's accusations.

This isn't the end of the fight, of course, but even Blind Freddy can see where this is going when the judge hearing the case makes this analogy to SCO's arguments:

Certainly if an individual was stopped and accused of shoplifting after walking out of Neiman Marcus they would expect to be eventually told what they allegedly stole. It would be absurd for an officer to tell the accused that “you know what you stole I’m not telling.” Or, to simply hand the accused individual a catalog of Neiman Marcus’ entire inventory and say “its in there somewhere, you figure it out.”

Pamela Jones' comment speaks volumes:

There has never been an operating system picked over with such care and determination to find fault. And Linux has come through utterly clean as a whistle.

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