Sunday, July 02, 2006

Intelligent Designer Found!

Well, this is a surprise.

After all these years thinking that "Intelligent Designer" was just a coy way of saying "God", it turns out I was wrong. Seems that the Intelligent Designer has been found.

Acting on tips from researchers in the fledgling science of Intelligent Design, federal law enforcement officials yesterday located and trapped the so-called "Intelligent Designer" in a Motel 6 just off US Route 66 in the New Mexican desert.
Clues as to the existence of the Intelligent Designer were first uncovered in 1998 by Dr William Dembski (Phd., BA., MBA., MBTA., AAA., NAACP) while investigating the genome sequence of the common bacteria (E. coli). Dembski was shocked to discover that the basic functioning of the bacteria's cellular machinery was much too hard for him to understand, even though he possessed many academic degrees. After discovering the same traits in other entirely unrelated biological organisms, Dembski suspected foul play and immediately alerted the FBI to the possibility that some sort of supervillain was tampering with our DNA for sinister purposes.

I guess I have to apologise to all those Creationists. Fancy me thinking that Intelligent Design was just a sneaky way for them to spread their religion under the guise of talking about science.

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