Monday, June 05, 2006

The Great and Arbitrary Abortionist in the Sky

PZ Myers of Pharyngula discusses the Great and Arbitrary Abortionist in the Sky:

...the rhythm method kills more embryos than contraceptives. It's straightforward: by avoiding sex during the prime time for ovulation and fertilization, there's a greater likelihood of fertilization occurring when the egg is past its sell-by date--it's increasing the chance of spontaneous abortion and birth defects. The paper is all speculative and philosophical about it all, but there are actually some suggestive epidemiological data that suggest it is true. A study by Jongbloet describes a doubling of the frequency of Down Syndrome in young Catholic mothers.

Myers also quotes some figures for the yearly numbers of live births, spontaneous abortions ("miscarriages") and clinical abortions, and reaches the conclusion that God causes nearly twice as many abortions as all the abortionists in the world combined.

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