Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Death's Door discovered

From the highly respected Weekly World News, the one source of news anybody needs, is the shocking discovery of Death's Door:

Babe in business suit blocks hellmouth


CORDILLA, Ga. -- Five miles outside this tiny, rustic town is a small forest with a large cave and a massive iron gate.

"It's not a place you want to visit," theologian and paranormal researcher Danton Fernoe told us after returning to town. "Make sure your readers understand that.

"When I read that Satan visited this cave after tangling with Bigfoot (Weekly World News, July 25, 2005) I decided to check it out," said Fernoe. "I arrived and saw a woman sitting at a small table behind the gate. She was dressed in a business suit with a short skirt. There was a gold key and a laptop on the table, nothing more. She stopped playing computer Solitaire as soon as she saw us."

I really don't know why none of the other news sites report these stories. It must be part of a great big conspiracy!!!

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