Monday, June 12, 2006

Five good reasons to love iTunes

iTunes is a great money-spinner for Apple Computers. And with features like these, no wonder:

  1. Thanks to Apple's Digital Restrictions Management software, your investment in music is worthless if you decide to switch from iTunes to a competing product

  2. Apple is willing and able to remove features from iTunes after you've already paid for them, and has done so in the past

  3. Apple's software over-rules one of the fundamental tenants of private property rights, the doctrine of first sale -- you have no way of legally giving away, selling or loaning the songs you buy

  4. Apple uses blacklists and legal threats against people who try to innovate and create new functionality for your iPod or iTunes

  5. and best of all, many recording artists report that they are getting as little as seven cents a download, which means the great bulk of that $0.99 you paid ends up in the pockets of the same greedy, lying, cheating music executives we all love so much

With features like those, who wouldn't want an iPod and iTunes account?

The people at Defective By Design, who protested outside Apple Stores on Saturday.

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