Friday, June 16, 2006

Arctic Ocean is falling

The BBC is reporting new research which, surprisingly, shows that the Arctic Ocean is falling by about 2mm per year:

It is well known that the world's oceans do not share a uniform height; but even so, the scientists are somewhat puzzled by their results.

Global sea level is expected to keep on climbing as the Earth's climate warms.

To find the Arctic out of step, even temporarily, emphasises the great need for more research in the region, the team says.
"When you get a result like this you always worry that your processing of the data may have introduced signals that are not real. But we can't find anything that we've done wrong, so that makes us think we have stumbled across something real - and we hope that will excite our colleagues," [Dr Scharroo] added.

Absolutely! The most exciting part of science is not when you discover what you expect to discover, but when you look at your results and say, "Hmmm, that's funny..."

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