Monday, March 26, 2007

Who do they think they're fooling?

It must be hard being a cold-calling sales drone, but is it any surprise that people despise them for their tactics when this sort of thing takes place?

I just had a call from a sales drone, I'll call him Henry Deschen (not his real name) who tried to convince me that my boss had personally told Henry that he was interested in being a reseller in Henry's product, let's just call it a Bio Tech Snake Oil Delivery System.

Now, I know that not only isn't my boss interested in Snake Oil Delivery Systems (Bio Tech or otherwise) but the chances of him being interested in reselling anybody else's product is about the same of him winning the lottery three weeks running.

So what is it with the sales drones? Do they really think that the best way to start a business relationship is with something like this?

Actually, it works for advertisers, so why not? I must try it some day -- call up a random customer, and say "Hey, your boss said he wanted you to order thirty-seven cases of Premium Impala Chow. I need a purchase order stat!"

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