Saturday, March 24, 2007

Insecure and fearful

A friend recently posted a small gift from the United States of America to Mrs Impala. It arrived wrapped in (among other things) a plastic bag from a fabric store called HANCOCKfabrics.

Plastered on the bag in large letters, at least as big as their various advertising, is:

God Bless America!

A tad insecure, don't you think? I mean, honestly, if there is a God, do you really think he'll be up in Heaven thinking "I was going to visit rains of frogs and rivers of blood on the Americans because of their invasion of Iraq, but now that I've seen that plastic bag, I'll give them another thousand years of world power instead"?

Are (were) all superpowers as fearful and insecure as the Americans? I suppose they probably were. All that flag waving and "the sun will never set on England" and parades in Red Square and triumphs and arches, I think it's all just a way for people to deny the fact that This Too Shall Pass. I knew governments and kings played this silly game, but this really brought it home to me that the fear goes all the way down.

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