Monday, March 12, 2007

Goodbye XP

After months of planning procrastination, Mrs. Impala's long-suffering Windows XP computer has been cured of atherosclerosis and Alzheimer's disease by an upgrade to Kubuntu.

I've got more experience with Red Hat and the Fedora Core series of distributions, and last time I played with vanilla Ubuntu, I was seriously unimpressed. But Kubuntu seems pretty impressive, and KDE doesn't dumb everything down like Gnome seems to do. And WINE installed flawlessly the first time, unlike my experiences under Fedora Core 5.

And naturally, there was no product activation and we didn't need to register the software. I can change hardware in the PC as often as I like with the operating system deciding that it has been installed on a different PC and refusing to run.

I'll report back after Mrs. Impala and I have had a chance to give it a solid workout.

Update Monday, 13/3/07: Seems I'm not the only one ditching Windows XP for Ubuntu (with or without the K). So is the French Parliament, which is purchasing 1,154 new PCs running Ubuntu.

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