Monday, August 07, 2006

Best movie ever, yarrr.

PZ Myers, who first thought he would be curmudgeonly and hate it, has declared Pirates of the Caribbean II the Best. Movie. Evar.

The plot careered around like a drunken sailor, and made very little sense. [...]

Still...Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was terrific fun. It's got pirates, a squid-man, a giant squid, a crew of undead human-sea creature hybrids, random sword fights, a giant squid crushing ships, the cutest little animated barnacles, a giant squid eating people, very poor dental hygiene, and it just never stops. I'd been warned that it was over-long, but seriously, I got to the end and thought, "It's done? Already?"

[...] The character of Elizabeth is showing signs of dissatisfaction with that piece of damp cardboard, Will Turner. I think you can all see where this is going: I predict that in the final movie, Elizabeth will finally meet Davy, she'll fall in love at first sight, she'll win his heart, and they'll sail off into the sunset, where they'll spawn many squidlets together. Yeah, it's predictable, but this is the kind of movie that just has to have a happy ending.

I loved that movie. The last few seconds of the movie, back at the voodoo priestess' hut (you know the scene, the one with the apple), had me bouncing in my seat going "Squee squee squee!!!" like a 13-year-old fangirl.

But in a manly, pirately way, you understand. Yarrr.

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The Missus said...

Ohh-kayyy, now I'm in lurve! And hah! and phbbbtttbbb! and screw-you-matey! to those tastless acquaintances of ours who failed to see the utter yummliciosity of PotC2. Arrr!