Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Anti-Life movement

Guest blogger Jill writes for the Rude Pundit about the so-called "pro-life" movement which is actually anti-life.

She shows the extents to which the "pro-life" movement aims to steal control of women's reproductive systems. It isn't just about abortion: they are attacking the availability of contraception equally as hard -- even for married women, which proves the lie that their opposition to contraception is that it encourages promiscuity. In the "Heart"land, that den of hypocrites and monsters, pharmacists have been known to refuse to fill potentially life-saving prescriptions for antibiotics or vitamins if they came from a reproductive health clinic. Some of these "pro-life" monsters even oppose vaccines against cervical cancer.

She explains how the "pro-life" policies lead to more deaths of mothers, more abortions, more sickness, and that European countries with progressive sex education policies and easy access to contraceptives end up having far fewer abortions than countries like the US and Brazil that ban them. It isn't about saving the poor innocent babies -- the monsters are more than happy to see them die in the womb from infection. It's about making sure that any woman who has sex suffers the consequences: disease, pregnancy, even cancer.

These are very strong claims, and may seem very provocative to those who have heard nothing but specially selected sound-bites from the anti-freedom brigade about "saving the little babies". But Jill's post has many links to direct quotes from, for example, the immoral monster who would rather her daughters die of cervical cancer than face the possibility that she might just grow up to control her own body. See here for the lie that is the "pro-life" movement.

[Update: the link to Feministe (via snipurl) above has changed to here.]

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