Monday, September 11, 2006

Terror plot in Belgium

A reminder from the Guardian about why we fight:

Belgian police yesterday arrested 17 alleged neo-Nazis, mostly serving soldiers, who were said to be planning to destabilise the country's institutions in a series of terrorist attacks. In simultaneous raids on five army barracks and 18 private addresses across the northern Flanders half of Belgium, police uncovered a homemade bomb and numerous weapons.

The raids by 150 police officers in East Flanders, Antwerp and Limburg were the most dramatic breakthrough in a two-year investigation into far-right activists allegedly operating inside the armed forces.

And I have no doubt that Belgium didn't need an extensive program of spying on all their citizens, torture, or the suspension of the rule of law, to capture these would-be terrorists.

We, the civilized few, can win this war against us, so long as we remember that our enemies include not just boogie-men like bin Laden, nor even home-grown terrorists like the neo-Nazis, but wolves in sheeps' clothes who use our fears against us, people like Bush and Blair and Howard who lie to us and take away our freedoms while claiming loud and hard that they are protecting us.

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