Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Northern Planets Uncensored

I don't particularly have a problem with so-called "offensive language" -- I find that most cursing and swearing is far less offensive than a lot of "polite" language used. Offensiveness comes from the concepts expressed, not the particular words used. Still, not everyone agrees with me, and a lot of those who do agree are forced to access the Internet through nannyware or filtering software which bans webpages and entire sites, sometimes on the basis of a single word.

For those reasons, I intend to keep Northern Planets free of "offensive language" (assuming that your idea of offensive is the same as mine), although I will sometimes link to other sites that don't mind a little salty language. Or even a lot of salty language.

For those times where I want to post something that contains strong language, I've created a new blog, Northern Planets Uncensored. It will be a low volume blog, and any time I put something up on it, I intend to link to it from here.

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