Monday, September 25, 2006

The people you see in the big city

First, there was the young lady, 20-ish, with an obviously fake blonde dreadlock wig that looked all the world like an alien facehugger on her head.

Then there was the 30-something woman dressed in clothes that looked like a paedophile's wet dream. If she had been 17, she might just have got away with wearing them.

And then there were the two oh-so-daring goths, he with his oh-so-radical inverted cross around his neck, her with her nihlistic tee-shirt reading "Death is our future".

And last but certainly not least was the power-suited business man, looking like a cross between Gordon Gekko and Donald Trump on his way to a hostile takeover of an orphanage, walking a miniature poodle.

I saw all these people in the space of less than a city block.

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