Friday, September 15, 2006

Art, vandalism or public service?

Paul Curtis, aka Moose, isn't your average graffiti artist. Instead of cans of spray paint, his tools are water, a shoe brush and elbow grease. Curtis creates his art/graffiti by selectively cleaning the urban grime off public spaces.

Reverse graffiti
(Click for larger image.)

Is he an artist or just a vandal? Critics say that by carelessly cleaning the patina off old buildings, he is damaging them more than the pollution and grime does; others point out that, regardless of whether the "art" is drawn in paint or by removing dirt, owners are still forced to clean the building to remove the unwanted graffiti. The Leeds City Council is investigating, unsure whether he is committing a crime or not.

Thanks to Echidne and Neatorama.