Monday, October 09, 2006


As the train I caught this morning was packed solid with commuters, I couldn't read as I normally like to, on account of being jammed up against the door with my face pressed into the window. Consequently I happened to be staring out the window just at the right time to see Super-bird fly alongside the train.

It was wonderful! A small bird, perhaps some sort of starling, mostly grey with a bright yellow beak and fluorescent green and yellow feathers on its back, kept up with the train effortlessly for almost 500 metres, from one station to the next. It didn't just happen to be flying at the same speed as the train, it was pacing the train, flying alongside the track for the best part of half a kilometre, and kept level with the window I was looking through until the train slowed down for the next stop. The last I saw of Super-bird, it was flying down the train track, presumably rushing to a crime scene or to save the world from destruction.

I feel lucky and privileged to have witnessed it, and humbled by the thought that if I had been a few feet away, or facing the other direction, I would have missed it.

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