Thursday, October 05, 2006

Report on the future president

Thanks to the miracle of TCP/IP over tachyon, we have a news report from November 5th 2008, when an unknown write-in candidate, 19 year old Diebold technician Billy Pustule, will surprise both the general public and political pundits by being elected President of the USA with an unprecedented victory.

Losing Republican candidate Bill Frist also expressed concern that the democratic process may have been "tainted".

"You ever play poker with a big group of guys," he said, "and your partner's the dealer, and he slips you a beautiful quartet of aces without anybody noticing, and you've done this all a bunch of times before so you're feeling pretty confident and play all in, and then some other guy flips over a straight flush? Well, that's about how I'm feeling right about now."

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