Friday, June 20, 2008

Silent longing

What a piece of work this guy is.

Last month, Sith Lord Benedict XVI declared that American Indians had been "silently longing" to be converted to Christianity by the Spanish Conquistadors 500 years ago, and had been seeking the god known only as God "without realizing it".

(One wonders how Emperor Popetine knows what was going through the minds of people from a foreign culture who died half a millenium ago? Oh wait, that's right, the god known only as God has made him infallible. That's what the Pope says, and he's infallible so he must be right.)

Sith Lords

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Metro said...

I wonder what Hizzoner's reaction would be if Chinese Buddhists suddenly started putting Italian villagers to fire and the sword for their Catholic heresy?

Feh--infallibility is the first pice of dogma that has to go. I always felt that the good popes (such as John Paul II, except for a few years at the end) were constrained by the daft ideas of a series of infallible predecessors.

However, if it means a religion bites the dust faster, I suppose I'm okay with it.

G Eagle Esq said...


and does il Papa suppose they were gaging to be sent down the Potozi Silver Mine in their thousands = and all that Silver ended up in China

I think Monsieur Metro has beern getting at your Wd Verifier

WV = ancledi