Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Democrat hoax revealed!

Thank goodness for reasonable conservative Jon Swift, who has discovered a shocking, despicable conspiracy by the Democrats to make President Bush seem like a liar over whether or not his Iraq policy has ever been to "stay the course":

As a rebuttal to President Bush's statement that his strategy in Iraq has never been "stay the course," Think Progress offered six links to purported statements the President made over the last two years saying that we should "stay the course." Every one of these links went to the same website, The site claims to be the "official" site for the President but of course anyone could set up a spoof website and make such a claim. A "whois" search gives no information about the anonymous owner of this domain. But if you search this site on the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive you discover something very interesting. Take a look at what the site looked like in 1997. Before it claimed to be the "official" site for the Bush White House, this site was actually a brazen propaganda arm of the Clinton Administration!

To see the depths of Democrat perfidy, visit the Think Progress website.

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