Sunday, February 24, 2008

Technical Virgin

The things that offend people, or that people are afraid will offend people (not necessarily the same thing!) often astounds me.

In 2006, actress and mother Melanie Martinez was sacked from her job of host of the PBS television program "The Good Night Show" because of two 30 second videos she had made over five years earlier. The videos, for the now-defunct "" website, were send-ups of public service announcements for abstinence-only sex education.

Here are the two videos:

Boys Can Wait

Also viewable here.

I Have A Future

I'm amused (in that "have to laugh or else I'd cry" way) by this comment defending PBS:

But I think in her case she openly lied to her employers. Every job interview has that "prior history" question where if you did anything that would effect your job, it's best to say it then.

"Every" job interview? I've been to a couple of dozen job interviews (some of them were even successful) and I've never been asked if I'd done something that would make me morally unsuitable for the position. And for all we know, she did disclose the videos when she was hired. But if she didn't, it doesn't follow that she lied -- far more likely she just never imagined that they could possibly be an issue.

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Metro said...

Presumably you've heard of the firing of Emma Clarke, formerly The Voice of the London Underground for her humorous Tube announcements?

London transit needs to acquire itself a sense of humour.