Monday, February 25, 2008

Striking at the terrorists

Remember when the "War On Terror" was supposed to make us safer? Well, somebody forgot to mention to the US military that their supposed to be stopping terrorists, not sheltering them while they attack one of the US's NATO allies.

Turkey, fed up with Kurdish terrorists launching attacks while under the protection of the US military, has invaded northern Iraq. While this isn't a full-blown invasion, nor is it a border incursion with a handful of troops: it apparently involves thousands of soldiers. Turkey has publicly denied the invasion, a denial which is looking less and less credible every day. Why isn't this big news?

And a reminder that it's not just "Islamo-fascists" who are terrorists, like racists and conservatives would have us believe. Christian terrorists in Serbian have attacked and burned the US embassy in Belgrade, angry at Kosovo gaining independence.


Anonymous said...

if a body of people is being opressed by another people the the intent of the opressor is loss of power or pride . the US has always sought for human rights .it is a noble thing.good should always seek to defend good

Metro said...

Anonymous, up your meds and put your analyst on danger pay.

Ever heard of Gitmo? Shall we start there? Then we can track back in a fun-filled romp through support for General Pervez Musharref--deposer of the elected government of Pakistan--and the support of his nuclear ambitions, the Iran-Contra affair, support for the human-rights-lovin' Taliban, support for Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Batista and the like ...

When they finally figure out that waterboarding is torture, then we can talk, Until then, all I can do is laugh.