Thursday, March 15, 2007

The War on Terror and homosexuality

According to the Christian Right, the West is in a fight for survival against the forces of darkness: Islamofascists who want to introduce a Caliphate across the entire world, starting with Iraq and ending with Washington D.C., London and Paris.

Against this dire threat, no act is too extreme:

Despite a chronic shortage of fluent Arabic and Persian linguists, the U.S. military and government continues to fire any linguist they discover is gay. The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad has only six fluent Arabic speakers. Six. And despite the need to interrogate all those dangerous terrorists, the U.S. military has recently fired twenty-six Arab and Persian speakers for being gay.

"SusanUnPC" from the No Quarter blog quotes a lovely exchange between an anti-homosexual activist and The Daily Show's Jason Jones:

The Daily Show's Jason Jones sat down with Paul Cameron, one of the nation's leading anti-gay activists, said, "I think the country, on the aggregate, is safer without Bleu in the military." Asked why, Cameron explained, "Guys don't want to think about other guys, other fellas, ogling them in the shower or whatever."

Jones responded, "I know I'd rather die in a terrorist attack than suffer through an uncomfortable shower with a gay." Cameron grudgingly responded, "Yes."

Never let it be said that the Christian Fundamentalists don't have their priorities in order.

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M.L. said...

I love it when people are too stupid and ignorant to understand their own religion. The results are right there in your post.