Thursday, June 08, 2006

Former RIAA exec rethinks DRM

P2P Net reports that the former head of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), Hilary Rosen, has questioned both the practice of suing "innocents" and Digital Restrictions Management:

As well as sharing a concern about the usefulness, or otherwise, of the lawsuits, Risen thinks the labels, "need to work harder to implemnt [sic] a strategy that legitimizes more p2p sites and expands the download and subscription pool by working harder with the tech community to get devices and music services to work better together. That is how their business will expand most quickly.

"The iPod is still too small a part of the overall potential of the market and its propietary [sic] DRM just bugs me. Speaking of DRM, it is time to rethink that strategy as well...

DRM is annoying? Whoever would have guessed?

When was the last time a customer went to a record label or a music store and said "You know, I can listen to music too many ways. I want to be able to do less with it."?

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