Sunday, June 18, 2006

Evil cat hailed as a hero

The BBC is reporting the story of a cat from Sheffield, England which has been hailed as a hero for reportedly being able to predict that his owner[1] is about to have an epileptic fit:

Tee Cee's owner Michael Edmonds, of Sheffield, has complex epilepsy and can suffer seizures without warning.

But now he is warned of an impending fit when Tee Cee sits close to him and stares at his face.

"When he first did it I thought it was a one-off," Mr Edmonds said. "But ever since then he just seems to know."

Hero cat? Nonsense -- this is an evil cat.

El Reg has worked out the truth. The cat isn't predicting the epileptic fits, he is causing them, using evil cat powers:

Indeed, the cat stares at Edmonds, and subsequently Edmonds suffers a fit.

Indeed indeed. What more needs to be said?

[1] Of course cats don't have owners. They have staff. Back

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