Thursday, August 02, 2007

Exorcism death

Ronald Marquez, 49, of Phoenix Arizona, died after being shot with a taser when police officers found him strangling his grand-daughter. Police had been called by relatives who said that Marquez was trying to rid the girl of demons.

A bed had been pushed up against the door; the officers pushed it open a few inches and saw Marquez choking his bloodied granddaughter, who was crying in pain and gasping, Tranter said.

A bloody, naked 19-year-old woman who police later determined to be Marquez's daughter and the girl's mother was in the room, chanting "something that was religious in nature," Tranter said.

Link thanks to Pharyngula.

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Update: Immediately after writing this post, what song came up on my music player? PWEI's Me No Fear The Reaper, which starts with the following lyrics:

    First male voice: I'm a priest, you can tell me.
    Woman's voice: I told him I gave myself to the Devil, I gave myself to him body and soul.

    Second male voice: But if we do get to summon up the big daddy with the horns and tail, he gets to bring his own liquor, his own bird, and his own pot.

    First male singer: Join me Jesus freaks,
    Join me Jesus freaks,
    In Hell

Hmmm... I wonder if XMMS is trying to tell me something?

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