Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Plagarism insanity

Professor Steven Dutch of the University of Wisconsin discusses plagarism in the academic world:

From a page by the University of Phoenix, 2002 called Avoiding Plagiarism:
accessed August 1, 2005.

    Example of plagiarism:

    Carl Sagan (1979) describes science as a means of critically examining the world around us in which both sensory perceptions and even common sense may deceive us. As he states in Broca's Brain, "Our intuition is by no means an infallible guide." The scientist must question his own preconceptions to discover truth through actual and repeated experimentation.

    What's wrong? Page number citiation (sic) is missing.

Yes you read that correctly. They said that failing to include a page reference, even if you cite the source, is plagiarism. What we have here is a total collapse of critical reasoning.

Read the rest here, and more here. Professor Dutch has many interesting essays here -- and by interesting I don't mean I necessarily agree with all of them.

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